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November 22 2010

I'm currently trying to get back into the blog idea - even though I find Soup.io much easier and simpler to use - but blogs allow for a lot more manipulation.  It's still a work in re-progress but please visit http://lolispotting.wordpress.com/ .  

That will be the primary vehicle for future posts. Forgive the crappy theme currently in use, the site hadn't been touched for over a year and it's 2:30AM currently and I have to be up at 7:30AM, ha. 
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Panty and Stocking's transformation theme extended remix, again, can't wait for the freakin OST.  There are going to be some sick tracks on there. Taku Takahashi is one badass muthaf'r.

Apparently the original track is Skindive Inc - Fly Away Now and it was remixed for the show by M-Flo.  
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Scanty and Kneesocks sick transformation music.  Can't wait for the OST!

It's either 2souls - I Want You or Long-T - I Want You either of which is remixed in the actual show.

November 12 2010

ha, isn't that the truth, that's usually how I approach movies, usually works.  

Also, the image, as an ero image, is actually fairly tame and flattering, so to speak, and could be a lot worse like Jeroz said.  I suppose for the "real fans" though something like this wasn't expected due to the kid-friendly nature of the series perhaps?

November 06 2010

random post to ask this question, but I know you watch Yosuga no Sora too, so, what's with the double ED on that show?  It's not something I've come across before.  Is one of them the "official" end song or such?

November 04 2010

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The ED for Panty&Stocking has entranced me so I decided, after 5 eps, to go ahead and tab (or chord) it out.  I can't guarantee its 100% accuracy but it sounds good enough to me for now.  Enjoy!


Bb                C#         Eb
Heaven, please sing for me a song of life
Bb           C#         Eb
Heaven, take me into your skies
Bb                C#         Eb         (F)
There's no place here for me to hide my cries
Bb                C#         Eb
Night and day I'm missing you (oooh)

         Bb         C# 
We're so close (so close)
         Eb                 F             Bb
And it's you that I believe in (I believe in)
    C#           Eb       F              Bb
So close, but far away so far I can't touch
          C#        Eb                F
I'll hold on 'cause its you I love so dearly
         Bb                  C#       
When the rain, the storm and all is up
Eb                  Eb(F)         Bb
Caress me with your sweet lullaby

November 03 2010

sounds like you survived, if just barely...
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Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki ja Nai is getting an anime adaption!  Wow, can't wait for this one, going to be a very funny and hopefully very ecchi anime! woooo!  

Seiyuus include: Shiraishi Ryouko, Marina Inoue and Eri Kitamura

October 31 2010

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Star Trek vs Star Wars, need I say more?
Tags: LOLvideos

October 29 2010


Samurai Girls BD release dates

what we're all secretly (or not so secretly) waiting for, uncensored BD releases of Samurai Girls.
I know it's getting ahead of ourselves a bit, but the upcoming Winter season will be upon us quickly, and the folks (or folk) at thecartdriver.com have prepared a introductory chart of upcoming series.  Not as anticipatory as Fall, but still at least a couple of gems here too.
Tags: Charts

October 28 2010

How could this not be the cutest thing you'll see all day??
Tags: Artwork Index
Reposted byedogawa edogawa
Charizard gets his revenge for being kept in that tiny pokeball all his life...
Tags: LOLvideos
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Stormtroopers dancin to the Singing in the rain remix, another amazing video, and good song too!
Tags: LOLvideos
Mario does his rendition of Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" which is freakin amazing
Tags: LOLvideos

October 18 2010

welcome back from the land of the living dead!

looks like you could use a haircut

October 10 2010

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Alright, here we go, it's taken me almost 4 months to get this finished due to numerous issues, but here it is, the first of many, my current Pièce de résistance.  I present to you Megami Magazine Vol 118 in its entirety.  Yes, every page not just the posters.  It's almost 700mb but hopefully some of you will get a some pleasure from having every page at your disposal.  More issues are in the works, enjoy!

Vol. 118
Tags: Megami

October 01 2010

haha, so true, can't wait to see the sales of the ecchi episodes if they're uncensored

September 27 2010

Great amv!  however, for those looking for the music (like me), the band is actually Pony Pony Run Run not Pun Pun Run Run (not sure why creed_fr did that). 

September 25 2010

can't believe (in a good way) that they're making an anime out of this, haha.  We can only hope it's as ecchi as the manga (or even ecchi-er considering the author's other works)
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